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Uddevalla Energi

At Uddevalla Energi we put the customers and the public´s interest first while balancing social responsibility and financial profit.  This balance is Uddevalla Energi´s soul and one of the company´s most important success factors.


Quick facts

CEO of the company          Roger Johansson

Turnover  2011                    434 million SEK

Number of employees       126

Ownership                            Owned wholly as a subsidiary company to Uddevalla Utvecklings AB

Vision                                     We shall have satisfied customers and owners

Our cooperate group          Uddevalla Energi Elnät AB (100%)

                                                Uddevalla Energi Värme AB (100%)

                                                Uddevalla Kraft AB (100%)

                                                Bohusgas AB (100%) does not conduct any type of

                                               Affiliated companies:   

                                                EnergiFokus  AB (50%)

Products and services:      Electricity net

                                                District heating



                                                Energy services 


                                                Waste treatment

                                                Street cleaning

Uppdaterad: 2012-04-11

Contact our customer service

Phone number:
+46 (0)522 69 62 69
Fax number:
+46 (0)522 69 62 62
Email address: kundservice@uddevallaenergi.se
Phone lines are open between 8.00-16.30 on Monday-Thursday and between 8.00-15.00 on Fridays.

Uddevalla Energi AB, Strömberget, 451 81 UDDEVALLA  |  Telefon 0522-69 82 00  |  Fax 0522-69 62 00  |  E-post: info@uddevallaenergi.se